Herrero NA/NB MX5 Rollbar System


Built to CAMS specifications, these bolt-in 4 point roll-bar systems, with harness bar, are designed for the Mazda MX5 NA/NB and will fit both hard-top and soft-top vehicles with plastic/glass windows installed.


The Herrero bolt-in, cams specification, 4 point roll bar system has been designed using sophisticated 3D CAD software for accurate manufacturing.

These roll bars are made from high-quality, high performance, CDS racing-spec tube with high quality laser-cut mounting plates. All of our rollbars are skillfully fabricated and assembled using laser-cut jigs to ensure accurate fitment to your vehicle. These rollbars were specifically designed to achieve maximum helmet clearance within the cab whilst ensuring the highest levels of build quality and strength.

Fits both NA/NB MX5 models with hard or soft tops installed.

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Weight 15 kg


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