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Our XT carrier is designed for use by any vehicle with a standard rear hitch point (reece-style hitch). Most vehicles will have this fitted as standard. The XT Carrier is a rear hitch mounted spare wheel carrying system which also allows for quick and simple rear door access through the removal of one locking pin. Lowering the wheel can be done one-handed thanks to our strut assisted lowering system. The unit itself is constructed using the highest quality steel components, accurate laser-cut parts and precision hardware for long term use in harsh conditions. Our products receive an incredibly durable satin black powder coat – essential for long term use.

Frequently asked questions:

Does your product tighten into my vehicle, does it wobble? – All of our XT carriers will require an anti-rattle mechanism to remove play between the product, and your vehicles hitch insert – unless your vehicle has an anti-rattle bolt built into the hitch assembly. We offer an anti-rattle system through our web-store to solve this problem either way.

Do I need to relocate the number plate? – Each territory will have specific regulations regarding number plate visibility and location, we have found that our number plate relocator is the best solution. Mounting through the centre of the wheel into our product, simply screw your number plate into our attachment, or purchase an auxilary / temporary plate from your local DOT and have a permanent fixed solution, leaving your existing plate on your car whenever you are not using our product. There is also room for a light to be mounted to our accessory. Please see our online shop for details.

Will it last Australian conditions? – The product is assembled using zinc plated hardware, and built with thick steel plate coated in a quality rust-proof primer which is then electrostatically powdercoated for the highest quality finish. It is weather proof and widthstands abrasive conditions.

Can I use my recovery hitch with it? – The XT carrier includes a strong intelligently-manufactured lower assembly designed for use as a 4×4 recovery insert point. Simply insert your recovery hitch just like you would into your vehicle and you are good to go.

Will it fit my wheel? – The XT Carrier is designed to hold any wheel with both a five or six stud pattern up to 37″ in total wheel diameter. The gas struts are pressured specifically for your requirements. Heavier wheels will need slightly more gas added to the struts to ensure ease-of-use.



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