Rear Wheel Carriers for SUV Vehicles: Ford Everest - Gearing Up for Adventure

Rear Wheel Carriers for SUV Vehicles: Ford Everest - Gearing Up for Adventure

The call of the open road whispers to many a Ford Everest owner. These capable SUVs are built for exploration, whether navigating rugged mountain trails or traversing sandy coastlines. But when extra gear joins the expedition, maximizing space becomes crucial. This is where the Ford Everest spare wheel carrier enters the scene.

More than just a place to mount your spare, a Ford Everest rear wheel carrier unlocks a world of possibilities. It frees up valuable cargo space within the vehicle, letting you pack more camping equipment, groceries, or whatever your adventure demands. But choosing the right carrier can be daunting, with a variety of factors to consider.

Types of Ford Everest Rear Wheel Carriers:

    • Swing-out carriers: These offer convenient access to the spare tire and rear hatch by swinging the entire unit to the side. Ideal for frequent tire changes or tight parking situations.
    • Tilting carriers: Mounted directly to the chassis, these provide a no-frills solution with a more compact footprint. Perfect for those who prioritize maximizing ground clearance and minimizing weight.

Additional Features to Consider:

    • Dual wheel capacity: Carriers can accommodate a single spare or even a second full-sized wheel for extended expeditions.
    • Jerry can holders: Mount extra fuel or water canisters for increased self-sufficiency.
    • Hi-lift jack mounts: Keep your trusty jack readily accessible for off-road emergencies.
    • LED lighting: Improve visibility when reversing or maneuvering at night.

Matching Your Everest to the Perfect Carrier:

Choosing the right Ford Everest spare wheel carrier depends on your individual needs and driving style. Consider:

    • How often do you plan on going off-road? A swing-out carrier offers better ground clearance, while a fixed carrier might be preferable for extreme terrain.
    • How much cargo space do you need? Dual wheel carriers or jerry can holders might compromise some interior space.
    • What's your budget? Carriers range in price depending on complexity and features.

Popular Ford Everest Rear Wheel Carrier Brands:

    • Mirack: Renowned for their robust and durable steel construction. Australian-made carriers known for their innovative design and functionality.

Beyond the Spare: Enhancing Your Everest's Capability:

A Ford Everest rear wheel carrier is just the starting point for customizing your SUV for adventure. You can further personalize your setup with:

    • Recovery points: Enhance safety and self-reliance with tow hooks or shackles.
    • Light bars: Illuminate the path ahead with additional LED lighting.
    • Rear drawers: Optimize storage space with slide-out drawers for essential gear.

The Final Gear:

Investing in a Ford Everest spare wheel carrier is more than just adding a practical accessory; it's about expanding your horizons. It's about embracing the freedom of the open road with confidence and convenience. So, pack your bags, mount your spare, and let your Everest guide you to unforgettable adventures.

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