Mirack Universal Tow Hitch Mounted Tilting Spare Wheel Carrier on a Subaru XV AWD

Subaru-Approved Innovation: Mirack Tilting Carriers Take Center Stage

The Mirack tilting spare wheel carrier isn't just a clever invention – it's earned the seal of approval from Subaru Australia itself! Our innovative design has found its way onto the official Subaru Australia website, listed among their carefully curated selection of genuine accessories for the Solterra. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality, functionality, and seamless integration of the Mirack carrier with your beloved Subaru.

So, when you choose a Mirack, you're not just choosing convenience and security – you're choosing a product trusted by the experts at Subaru Australia. Discover how it can transform your next Subaru adventure.

Subaru XV AWD fitted with a Mirack Swing Spare Wheel Carrier

Before you embark on your next Subaru-powered adventure, take a moment to consider your faithful steed. Is it fully equipped to handle whatever untamed terrain lies ahead?

While your Subaru boasts legendary capability and rugged charm, a few innovative 2024 car accessories can elevate your experience from ordinary road trip to extraordinary expedition. Today, we're focusing on two unsung heroes – the tilting spare wheel carrier and locking wheel nuts. These might seem like afterthoughts, but trust us, they're game-changers when it comes to pushing the boundaries of your Subaru's potential.

The Problem: You've conquered rugged mountain passes, traversed sun-drenched deserts, and emerged victorious from muddy backroads. Now, with a flat tire staring you down in the heart of nowhere, accessing your spare becomes a frustrating obstacle. Traditional fixed-position carriers force you to contort in awkward positions, wrestle with heavy gear, and potentially damage your beloved Subaru in the process.

The Solution: Introducing the Tilting Spare Wheel Carrier

Imagine this: a gentle pull of a lever and your spare wheel gracefully swings down, perfectly positioned for effortless removal. That's the magic of a tilting spare wheel carrier. No more backaches, scratched bumpers, or wasted minutes wrestling with stubborn latches. This innovative accessory seamlessly integrates with your Subaru's design, adding both convenience and a touch of rugged sophistication.

Mirack Tilting Spare Wheel Carrier fitted onto Subaru Outback

Features Fit for Adventure:

    • Effortless Access: Ditch the struggle! The tilting mechanism allows you to easily lower and remove your spare wheel, even on uneven terrain.
    • Enhanced Protection: Say goodbye to accidental bumps and scrapes. The carrier securely holds your spare in place, protecting both it and your vehicle.
    • Increased Capacity: Many tilting carriers offer the option to mount additional equipment, like jerry cans or recovery gear, freeing up valuable interior space.
    • Sleek Aesthetics: Choose from a range of designs that complement your Subaru's rugged charm, adding a touch of personalized style to your adventure machine.

Secure Every Mile

Now, picture this: you've meticulously planned your epic journey, only to discover your precious spare wheels vanished overnight. While a tilting carrier simplifies access, it also increases the visibility of your spare, making it a tempting target for opportunistic thieves. This is where locking wheel nuts step in.

These specialized nuts replace your standard ones, requiring a unique key for removal. They act as a formidable deterrent, adding an extra layer of security to your valuable spare wheels and giving you peace of mind while you're conquering the wilderness.

Unique Locking Wheel Nuts to Secure your Spare Tyre

Investing in Peace of Mind, One Accessory at a Time

A tilting spare wheel carrier and locking wheel nuts might seem like minor details, but their impact on your Subaru adventures is undeniable. They offer convenience, security, and the freedom to explore further, deeper, and with greater confidence. So, before you hit the road, consider equipping your faithful companion with these innovative accessories. They'll transform your Subaru into a truly unstoppable force, ready to tackle any challenge and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, get out there and explore! View our Mirack Shop for more ideas, for your next adventure.

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