About us

Our Story:Β From Dusty Trails to Campfire Tales

We weren't born with silver spoons in our mouths, but with maps in our hearts and a healthy dose of Aussie grit. Mirack isn't just a brand, it's a rebellion against the ordinary. It's about carving your own path, leaving the pavement dust behind, and embracing the adventure that awaits.

It all started with a shared frustration. We were tired of flimsy spare wheel carriers that vibrated like a washing machine on spin cycle, jerry cans that spilled precious fuel on every bumpy track, and license plates that looked like afterthoughts. We knew there had to be a better way – a way that was built tough, worked smart, and looked damn good.

So, Mirack was born. In our Aussie workshop, we traded spreadsheets for steel, blueprints for welding torches, and frustration for innovation. We poured our blood, sweat, and (okay, maybe a few engine-oil tears) into crafting accessories that were as tough as the terrain they'd conquer, as functional as a Swiss army knife, and as sleek as a desert sunset.

Aussie Adventure 4x4 Spare Wheel Carriers for Road Trips

From Spare Wheels to Smiles:

It started with the Mirack Swinging Spare Wheel Carrier, a game-changer that freed up space, improved access, and looked damn good doing it. Then came the Jerry Can Brackets, holding fuel tight (and looking sharp) no matter the gnarly trail. We even tackled the humble license plate with our Number Plate Relocator, adding a touch of style to the back of any beast.

But it's not just about gear, it's about the journey.

Every Mirack product is crafted for adventure, built to conquer challenges, and designed to bring a smile to your face when you pull up at that breath-takingΒ vista. We're not just about off-road accessories, we're about the memories you make with them. Whether it's the convenience of our Folding Table Attachment whipping up a feast under the stars, or the peace of mind knowing your precious fuel is securely strapped down, Mirack is there to empower every mile.

So, join the Mirack family. Let's leave the frustrations behind and hit the road with gear that's as tough as you are, as smart as you are, and as badass as the adventures you dream of.